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Organizing and Undertaking the accounting and the labor administrations. Our computer system is suitable for fast internet data services and up to date.
Within the framework of accounting we undertake:  : ledger and analytical accounting, payroll, balance sheets, tax returns and statistical reports preparation, credit applications. We participate and manage your tax investigation procedure.  

We are managing the chief accountant task at larger companies. We take full responsibility for our activities.


Property valuation:


In the modern economy it is significantly important for companies to determine the real value, manifesting the fair value of the assets in the balance sheet detection. The business transformation, consolidation requires the exact definition of business value. Our specialists are highly experienced in both asset-based and income-generating ability based business assessment. We have references also in corporate sales and purchases and property valuation studies for loan applications.


Winding up :


Winding up should be carried out under the Companies Act. Since this activity is very similar to the liquidation proceedings - property sales, administrative company closings, etc. – therefore from medium-sized enterprises it is recommended to be done by professionals. Our colleges will be at your service with pleasure.  



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Válságmenedzser kft.
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