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With the emergence of the Hungarian market economy numerous new companies were founded. These new companies had more intense demands for specific companies with the specific knowledge in accounting, tax advisory and finance. With the start of the privatisations these needs increased more.

The 1991. IL Act gave a new start in bankruptcy, liquidation, winding-up procedure, and expanded the circle for new participants.


Válságmenedzser Ltd however seems to be a young company, but our experts were successfully collaborated in several large companies investments, investment profitabilities, transformations, asset valuations and accounting tasks.

Our services are customized, our colleagues provide efficient help to our clients turning to us with finding their real problems and provide targeted solutions.

Válságmenedzser Ltd has all kinds of licences which are necessary for the liquidation. Our liquidation company is an appointed contractor by the Ministry of Finance since 1991.
Válságmenedzser Ltd. has £25,000,000 capital and the insurance behind the capital is £ 70,000,000

Main activities are:

- Self-bankruptcy management, preparation for the arrangement with the creditors.

- Complicating the liquidation proceedings. Carrying on the liquidation procedures in accordance with the requirements of the 1991. IL. Act.

- Winding-up procedures.

- Representing the interests of the creditors as an administrator of property in insolvency proceedings, winding-up proceedings.

- Government’s debt equalization process

- Asset management, representation of state property ownership, privatization,

- Economical investment studies for buildings, or for productive projects,

- Property valuations and investments management –selling the company's assets

- Company due diligence, corporate restructuring and transformation in accordance with the Hungarian Acts.

- Founding companies, start-up, economic and financial consulting, performing accounting audit works, tax advisory, finding foreign investors on demand.

- preparing Market researches and marketing studies with specific feasibility studies.

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Válságmenedzser kft.
Budapest, Petőfi u. 3.
H 1039

Phone: (+361) 240-0624
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